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Family Session

Frequently Asked Questions

Relax! I’m sure you have a million thoughts running through your head right now, and I’m here to tell you that family sessions can be fun and stress free. My sessions are prompt led, meaning it’s less about the poses and having everyone say “cheese” and more about interacting as a family and capturing real, genuine moments between all of you. And believe it or not but kids tend to leave with smiles on their faces from all the fun that was had. I do like to get a perfect posed family photo since this can be one of the most important photos to get because it takes a professional photographer to get everyone in place, and looking at the camera. You will get that shot and many more candid, laughing, playful photos to remember your family at this moment in time. So, stop worrying about if your child will refuse to smile, hide behind you the whole time, or throw the holy grail of tantrums because it will all be okay. If your child comes to the session uneasy, that is totally normally and also why I strive to build trust with them in a personal way. I spend the first five minutes solely interacting with them in ways that let them know that the time ahead will be fun, and being only five feet tall makes me pretty un-intimidating with the littles.

What should we bring to the session?

Make sure everyone has been fed and well rested before the photo session. It’s always a good idea to bring water and a non-messy snack such as marshmallows or cheerios but don’t make them the center of the session or as bribery have them only in case all else fails and they simply need a little snack.

What are the best locations for a family session in Grand Forks?

I will send you a location list with information about each one after booking.

What should we wear to a family session?

I suggest getting a little dressed up for a photo session. For men, this means a button down or collared shirt. For women, hair done and a little makeup. For kids – stay away from bold patterns, writing on shirts and make sure the clothes fit well. Although truth be told, kids are always cute no matter what they are wearing.

What if my child is not behaving?

My sessions are designed to be fun, fast moving and very candid. I always try to get the posed pictures done first and then dedicate the rest of the session for candid photos. You will get beautiful shots from your photo session. So don’t worry about your kids, I will take care of everything.

Can we include our pets?  

This goes with the hands free recommendation previously.  I love pets and they’re certainly welcome however, they can sometimes slow things down a little because, well their priority isn’t necessarily waiting around for your photos. In these cases I recommend bringing a friend/family member to watch your pet when they aren’t “needed on set” and then take them back home when they are done, I always start the session with pets and they are usually done within 15 minutes.


What is included in editing?

Editing is the process of adjusting color balance, brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.  Advanced retouching (such as blemish removal, skin smoothing, stray hairs etc.) is ONLY included with physical printed products purchased through me. Any additional images start out $10 each depending on the request.


When will we see our photos?

A digital download for your edited images will be sent no later then two weeks from your session date.


What types of payments do you accept?

Retainers must be paid online with a credit card, the remaining session fee is due the day of and can be paid either by invoice, cash or check made payable to Paige Leier.

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